Friday, March 23, 2012

Tebow + White Bread = All American

Tebowmania is taking Manhattan by storm.  The famous Carnegie Deli in Manhattan will introduce the "Jetbow" sandwich in honor of Tim Tebow on Monday when he is officially introduced as a Jet.  In honor of Tebow, the sandwich will be made of white bread, and not rye, and will feature America cheese.  Why?  Because Tim Tebow is an "All American guy."

The famous Carnegie Deli in Manhattan will introduce the Jetbow sandwich on Monday, in honor of new Jets backup quarterback, Tim Tebow. The meal will be about 3.5 pounds and contain corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, American cheese, lettuce and tomato on white bread, and will be introduced Monday to coincide with Tebow's press conference.

"He's the poster boy for every parent and what they want their kids to be," owner Sandy Levine said. "Very religious, very clean-cut, an outstanding student, he does charity work. What more do you want as an athlete than him?"

Tebow's arrival will actually create history at the deli, renowned for its larger-than-life sandwiches. For the first time, the restaurant will be using white bread and mayonnaise in a sandwich created for a celebrity.

Carnegie Deli sandwiches usually use rye bread, and on a sandwich like this, mustard would be the condiment of choice. The pastrami and corned beef are being featured to make is a true deli eat, and the American cheese is replacing the normally used Swiss cheese.

Levine believes the white bread, mayonnaise, American cheese, roast beef, lettuce and tomato on the sandwich represent Tebow's "All-American boy" personality, and was willing to break the mold because of that. The quarterback's photo is actually hanging at the deli, as he visited while he was in town for the Heisman Trophy presentation.

"We tailored it to the type of person he is," Levine said. 

The rest of the story is here. And be sure to click through to see the reason behind the price.

How long before we see green and white "Jews for Tebow"?

And FYI ESPN is having a special edition of First Take tonight on Tebow, 7pm EST.

And Tebow's presser introducing him as a JET is at NOON EST, or as we're learning "JST".