Thursday, March 22, 2012

Woody Paige sends Tebow off in style

Tim Tebow — one of the most extraordinary athletes ever to pass through Denver — was run out of town Wednesday.

It was all about pass and run — not about popularity, polarization, positive force and personality, faith, hope and charity, and mile-high regard.

Everybody in the world knows Timmy can run. He produced that remarkable run to the postseason for the Broncos last season.

But not everybody, especially the Broncos' brass, is certain he can pass.

Paradoxically, Tebow's final pass in Denver resulted in an 80-yard touchdown that won an overtime playoff game for the Broncos against the Steelers. After a contract snafu that held up the deal for hours Wednesday, Tebow was banished to the Jets, where he will start all over, but not start.
Tim is special. Someday Tebow will prove himself as an exceptional NFL quarterback — runner and passer — but that just won't happen with the Broncos. Someday, as I've written, Tebow, with his platform, will be much more than a football player. He could be a preacher, politician, philanthropist or philosopher. He has remained quiet publicly the past two weeks, but someone very close to him told me that Tebow was "all right, and everything will work out the way it's supposed to."

He is unique. Ask the youngsters with debilitating illnesses who have been invited to games by Tebow. Ask the adults who have met him. Ask teammates who have played with him. Ask the kids who were throwing around a football at a playground recently when Tebow suddenly got out of a car and held an impromptu clinic. Ask his close friend Angel.

Why did John Elway say Tebow would be the starter in training camp if he didn't mean it? Because Elway didn't realize then there would be a chance at Manning. The sincere intention by the Broncos was to play Tebow next season. But the only thing constant in sports is change.

Why did the Broncos think Tebow couldn't become a great passer? Because of his flawed throwing mechanics and footwork. Now the Jets, Tebow's new team, must address those — and many other — issues, including Tebowing and Tebowmania.

And never again will a young man or quarterback quite like Tim Tebow run or pass this way again.