Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tebow to play on special teams?

It does make sense, in a way.  Every punt could be a fake.  It would be a lot for a defense to handle.

Ryan wants to have Tebow on the field for 20 snaps a game, and as Peter King writes in today’s Monday Morning Quarterback, those snaps could include in a spread offense anywhere on the field, in goal-line situations, on two-point conversions, and maybe even using Tebow as the personal protector on the punt team.

Instead of rotating QBs, why not have them both in together.  We wanted to see it with Tebow and Newton, but seeing Sanchez and Tebow in together might be fun as well.  Either way, it seems like the Jets are interested in being creative.

Ryan said last week that his view of his top two quarterbacks is, “Tim Tebow is a good football player. Mark Sanchez is a good quarterback.” Tebow may get a chance to prove he’s a good football player at more than one position.